Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

By using our website and services, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

When you open a test account or a real account at NATUREL FOREX, the information about you is collected and stored for administrative, service and / or legal purposes. All customer information is kept in a secure database and only authorized personnel can access it. This information may be the information you provide to us, as well as the technical information you will automatically leave to the system during your visit to our site and platforms, such as browser, operating system, visit resources, visit hours, forwarding addresses. The information collected is summarized below.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses etc. personal information such as

Financial information

Information about traffic flow on the website and IP addresses.

The information and materials, terms, conditions and explanations given in these pages are subject to change. The use of NATUREL FOREX websites and systems without permission, including but not limited to NATUREL FOREX systems, the misuse of passwords and the misuse of any information published on the site is strictly prohibited. Not all products and services are available in all geographic regions. Your access to certain products and services is subject to the final determination by NATURAL FOREX and / or its affiliates.


The services provided by NATURAL FOREX consist solely of the online Forex and CFD trading platform; this means that you will only have the opportunity to buy and sell Forex and CFD online. In addition, we would like to emphasize that our services are intended to be purchased and sold online using the MT4 platform for Forex and CFDs only. When you trade Forex and CFDs using our online platform, you will be deemed to have accepted and accepted that you have received all services you expect to receive from us in full satisfaction.

Personal Information

All information gathered by our experts regarding your activities is used for business purposes only and is intended to improve service quality, to provide timely information on new services and NATUREL FOREX products, to fully access financial opportunities and needs, and to perform transactions.


Cookies are files that contain information (number of visitors) that websites use to record traffic. This information on the website server is temporarily saved on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device when you visit the website for the first time, and then allows the website to recognize your browser.

Cookies usually contain anonymous information such as a randomly generated custom ID Number. Cookies remember the country and language preferences you have chosen. All information received is confidential and is not directly linked to a particular customer.

NATUREL FOREX uses cookies to identify which are the most interesting services for customers and to measure visitors' activities on the Company's website. Using cookies, we also identify the most demanded ads and estimate the popularity of resources that can help win potential customers.

By using the services of our website, you agree to use cookies. All Internet browsers allow you to change cookie settings. You can disable or block cookie files, but some are required for our website to work properly.

Security Technologies

NATUREL FOREX advanced technology SSL Technology for secure connections used to protect the information you share with us provides reliable data protection against the interference of third parties. We constantly improve our security technology to prevent unauthorized access.

Information Transfer to Subsidiaries

In order to improve service quality and provide customers with information about NATUREL FOREX new services, we may share the above-mentioned confidential information with our business partners. Our partners are composed of the companies we own or manage.

Information Transfer to Third Companies

According to the rules described in the Privacy Policy, it is not possible for third parties to receive information about our customers. Third parties can only access information if they are partners of NATURAL FOREX. If a company is not our partner to help us provide quality services to customers, it can only use the information needed to provide high quality services.

The information can only be explained on your request or by your consent. Remember, the reputation of NATUREL FOREX is far more important than what you can get from the sale of your confidential information.

Information Transfer to Official Authorities

NATURAL FOREX, in exceptional cases, if the disclosure is required under the relevant law or other regulations,