What is Forex ?

What is Forex ?


Forex is an acronym for two words. FOREX, which is a combination of foreign exchange words, is an international foreign exchange market. FOREX is often referred to as the ”FX MARKET FOR. Foreign exchange swap transactions in the forex market take place in the interbank market, which is called the Over the Counter. The daily trading volume of the Forex market, which is the most liquid and largest market in the world, exceeded 5 trillion USD according to BIS data. More than 2 trillion USD of this volume is in the spot foreign exchange market and the rest is derivative products. This high liquidity characteristic of the market provides equality between market players.


The advantages of the Forex market and forex trading are quite high. Above we have abstracted them one by one.

 Deep Liquidity
 Two-way processing
 Unlimited short selling at all products
 Possibility of hedge with low cost
 Exotic currencies
 1:10 leverage according to the size of the main currency
 Professional order options
 Easy position management with Stop profit / Stop loss options
 Ability to trade 5 days 24 hours
 Access to the transaction platform from wherever there is internet.